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OOOSCH is one of the leading online crowdfunding giveaway platforms in Ireland & the UK. We have worked with this client since day one, firstly building their website and then taking over their marketing operations which included paid ads, social media content & email campaigns.
In the first six months of working with his client, our goal was to work on acquiring as many customers as we possibly could, as we knew retention would be a key pillar to the success of his brand.
After successfully acquiring our first 10,000 customers and building brand trust, it went from strength to strength with 70% of revenue coming from paid ads. We surpassed all expectations by hitting over €1 million euros in sales in the first year & have grown rapidly since again scaling social media ads and achieving an average ROAS of 12x per month. Other activities attributive to sales included collaborations with influencers, flash sales through our social media channels and weekly email campaigns.
This is now our third year working with OOOSCH & we are ready to expand further into the UK market with our sales forecasts on schedule to hit €5 million in yearly sales by the end of 2022.

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