Eds love for Ketchup

Is there a more perfect brand ambassador for Heinz than ketchup-enthusiast and worldly-popular Ed Sheeran?

Sheeran has been obsessed with Heinz for years, so much so that he has their logo tattooed on his arm. The obsession dates back to 2014, with Sheeran talking about his favorite condiment in several interviews. He even has his assistant carry around a bottle at all times in case there’s a time that calls for some extra sauce. A rep from Heinz confirmed that it has done wonders for the business and that a third of comments on their social posts are Sheeran fans.

Taking this a step further, following Sheeran reaching out to the brand with “an idea for a TV ad”, the pair have collaborated to produce this viral ad, which has already garnered almost 200,000 Youtube views in 24 hours.

According to Hubspot, “Viral marketing is when someone creates video or visual content that resonates with their target audience. That content is shared to the point that it spreads like wildfire, or goes viral. When a marketing campaign goes viral, a company’s sales, engagement, and brand awareness can increase dramatically.”

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed formula to make a campaign go viral. However, if you think of some memorable viral marketing campaigns, you’ll notice some common features. According to Hubspot, Marketers wanting to reach a bigger audience should keep these attributes in mind when creating their next campaign:

  1. It appeals to a target audience.
  2. It has a strong visual strategy.
  3. It’s highly creative.
  4. It has emotional appeal.
  5. It’s easy to share and promote.
  6. It’s published at the right time.

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