The Importance of a mobile optimised website for your business

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Here’s How an Easy to Use, Fully Optimized Website Can Actually Boost Your Business

Irrespective of the industry niche your business is operating in, NOT having a website is nearly suicidal! Our lives are all encompassed by the digital era, and there’s clearly no escaping it. Businesses need to have a professional website if they want to be successful in this modern marketplace. In fact, the latest report released by Ireland’s Domain Registry Agency IEDR paints a better picture of what we’re saying. According to the report, over 51,000 new .ie domains were registered just in H1 2018; and 81% of those .ie domains were owned by businesses and self-employed.

The official website of a company is the backbone of any business and it supports all the digital marketing efforts made by the company. It is vital to understand the importance of a fully optimized website that is mobile-friendly and adapts to different platforms seamlessly. The term responsive web designing was coined in the year 2010 by an independent web developer, Ethan Marcotte. There are numerous benefits of a responsive web design. It can impact the user experience, conversion rates, and SEO significantly and several other aspects of business that contribute to growth. Here are the most important features and benefits of switching to responsive website designing.     

  1. Improved User Experience

A responsive website design results in a better user experience. The amount of time that a user spends on any website hints about the quality of user experience. If the users are forced to constantly pinch and zoom to just navigate, then they would not prefer spending time on the website.

If the website scales and responds to the changes in screen size on its own, then the users would not face any problems in accessing the buttons, links and menus. Improved site usability and user experience can result in more referrals and consequently new customers for your business. 

  1. Increase in Mobile Traffic

As per latest statistics by Statistica, 52.2 percent of all the website traffic worldwide in the year 2018 was generated through mobile devices. Another report by the same data and analytics firm reports that the number of smartphone users in Ireland will peak at 3.74 million in 2019.

This indicates that companies cannot afford foregoing responsive web design. Businesses need to begin by investigating the number of visitors they get from mobile devices and the amount of time that they spend on their website. Responsive design should be implemented next. Once the website adapts to the viewport width, the websites would witness an increase in mobile visit as well as longer stays on the site by the very same visitors.    

  1. Better loading times

Websites with a responsive design tends to load faster on all devices, especially tablets and smartphones. Fluid grips and responsive images ensure that less time is consumed for each web page to load. This has a direct impact on the duration of the visitor’s visit. As per several research studies, 53% of mobile visitors end up abandoning a site if the page consumes longer than three seconds to load. This speaks volume about the importance of responsive web design. 

  1. Higher Conversion Rates

If one is looking to improve and build trust, enriching each visitor’s user experience, then efforts must be put in for lowering the bounce rate and on increasing the time spent by a user on the website. The improved user experience invariably results in the visitor having more confidence on your business which results in better conversion rates. The conversation rate can be anything ranging from signing up to your newsletter, booking a call, or making a purchase.   

  1. Google’s Recommendations

Google introduced recommendations in the year 2015 and started rewarding websites that were completely optimized for mobile platforms. Google started ranking websites in its search results using mobile-friendliness. Since that announcement, businesses began to make note of it importance.

Google has gone a step ahead and has started implementing mobile-first indexing strategies. It also announced in 2018 that they were migrating all the sites that have followed best practice in mobile-first indexing. This implies that Google now crawls, indexes and ranks mobile versions of the website. This makes it more important than ever to have a responsive website.       

Reasons for businesses to consider SEO Web Designing & Optimization

Getting your website responsively designed is only half the story. You would still need to pull in visitors using smart search engine optimization strategies. And the first step toward this process is getting your responsive website optimized properly for SEO.

We share with you 4 great reasons why you need to get your website fully optimized –

  1. Convince your Website Visitors to Stay

The importance of website traffic in business success is crucial for everybody. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small ecommerce business owner, a professional photographer, a mechanic, or a plumber for that matter. In this age of internet, SEO web designing helps you secure a top spot in search engine rankings. This implies that you are more visible to your potential customers. You just need to focus on things that matter more to your customers to increase your revenues and to pad your profits. 

  1. SEO Web Design Optimized for Conversions

It is vital to attract people to your site who are potential customers. However, you need to learn to close the sale with them. SEO helps you achieve something with all the high traffic diverted towards your website. SEO website design seamlessly guides a person to navigate through your site and compel the visitor to take a desired action.

Micro conversions matter too. These are little things that make a visitor invest in your site such as clicking a link, signing up for a newsletter, taking a quiz, and watching a video. Each time someone navigates through your website they learn more about your brand and feel connected to it. You don’t have to be disheartened if things don’t go well in the first round. On an average, it requires 7-13 touch points to convert a visitor into a paying customer.

This is when you require an SEO expert who can put things in place by optimizing your website with inventive principles such as On-Page SEO as well as Off-Page SEO.    

  1. SEO Web Design Results Increased Organic Search Traffic

Organic search results are the ones that are not paid ads. This drives over 50% of the web traffic. Most people prefer following organic results that show up on the top in search engine rankings. 75% of traffic goes to businesses who manage to end up on the first page of search engine rankings. Increased visibility offers all the SEO benefits such as

  • Increase in quality traffic
  • Connects with customers with critical moments
  • Cuts down marketing costs over time

Maintaining SEO web design offers benefits that tend to compound and makes your business even more visible.

  1. Makes ads more effective

Do you run your ads on Instagram and Facebook? Have you ever wondered where do these ads get placed? One of the key reasons as to why ads are run is that people can discover your website, which is the online identify for your business. SEO design results in a seamless ad experience and also enhances your conversion rate and lowers customer acquisition costs.

As you can see, there are a plethora of benefits of having a responsive web design that is fully optimized for SEO. Website design is much more than publishing content on the web. It is more about creating a website that is easy and quick to navigate. Why not use it as a tool to ensure better traffic and increased conversions?   

Check out some of the websites we have built here. It is very important to understand the value your website can provide your business. For more information drop us a message here or call us on 083-1653485

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