Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

Benefits of social media marketing 4
Benefits of Social Media



  • Most appreciate social media Network
  • Lack of social media strategy
  • Relevant, engaging content
  • Consistency
  • Call to action



  1. Most appropriate social media network


When businesses make the big move to invest their time and marketing budget in social media, it is important that they choose the best networks where their target marketing are actively engaging with relevant content.


So many businesses fail to analyse the different social media platforms in order to understand where their target marketing are active. Without understanding where your customers are active, there is a high chance that you could waste your time and marketing budget. Here at Happi Digital we always advise new customers to first understand what networks their target market are most active on before investing the time and money.


  1. Lack of social media marketing strategy


Investing is social media marketing without a specific strategy is like going on a road trip without a map or GPS, it is essential that you have a specific direction or set of desires that you want to achieve. We touched on this topic in or previous blog, which stresses the importance of the need for structure within your social media activities.


Here at Happi Digital we see clients every week who have not defined their social media strategy, which is unfortunate as they have more than likely wasted a lot of time and money. Please do not make this mistake, define what you want to get from your marketing efforts online and put in place the required resources in order to achieve these goals.


  1. Relevant, engaging Content


There is nothing worse than a business bombarding its audience with irrelevant content. Such activity looks bad on the businesses end and could lead potential customers to unlike or distance themselves from the business which is not good.


This is why it is so important to understand your target audience in detail. Doing so will allow you to create engaging content which your audience will interact with and further allow you to understand your customers behaviour and interests in more detail.


  1. Consistency


When attempting to grow your social media presence and also engage with your audience, it is very important to ensure that you are providing a consistent flow of content. Without that consistency your audience will simply loose interest in your channels and distance themselves which you as a business do not want.


Depending on the business you are in, we encourage our clients to post on social media at least three times and week. For some of our clients that are customer facing business will strong engagement we could post every day of the week and some even post multiple times a day, mainly entertaining their audience, rather than continually selling.


  1. Call of action


At the end of the day it is important to turn your marketing efforts into financial reward. It is very important to entertain and inform your customers all about your product offerings and your business, however it is also important to encourage them to make a transaction, but at the appropriate time.


Calls to action should be a subtle message included within your social media post, which has the objective of encouraging the viewer to carry out a specific task, whether that task be to click onto their website or purchase a product on your website. It is important that calls to actions are not included in every post as your customer will simply not engage with them as they will feel they are being pressured into purchasing from you. At Happi Digital we recommend our customers put out a mixture of five educational / entertaining posts for every call to action post.

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